Song Lyrics

The big bad Wolf was out prowling one night focused on a red cape in the fading light. His eyes were shining, his nose to the ground, his fur was gleaming. He was one handsome hound.

Little Miss Red knew time was tight. Granny was home waiting to stop wasn’t right. So she hitched up her skirt and picked up her speed. She glanced to her left and ran through the trees.

Well should she keep running, should she slow down? There’s a Wolf on her trail and she’s miles from town. Should she keep running should she slow down, with a Wolf on her trail? It’s not his first time around.

Excuse me Red, can you stop for awhile. I’ve been watching you and noticed your smile. Your basket looks heavy. I’ll hold it for you. Really Miss Red it’s the least I can do.

With that, he carried Red’s goods for a piece, crooning love songs and kissing her cheeks.Little Miss Red is honest and pure but the Wolf you know one can never be sure.

Is there a fairy tale ending, or any ending at all? Will the Wolf take Miss Red to the fairy tale ball?

I Can’t Get To Sleep. Tired of counting sheep. Foot outside the sheet, and I can’t get to sleep. Tossing, turning, now I’m burning hot! I can’t find a comfortable spot.

Thoughts invade my head, swirl around the bed. I’d like to sleep instead, but thoughts invade my head. Solving problems that I haven’t got. I can’t find a comfortable spot.

I can’t get to sleep, tired of counting sheep. Foot outside the sheet and I can’t get to sleep. Fluffing, shuffling blankets in a knot. I can’t find a comfortable spot.

I just solved world peace then lost my train of thought. Leaky neighbors fighting faucet. Mind is racing. I can’t stop it

How close can I get to the man next to me? If he holds me tight how warm will I be? When I touch his hand, will my thoughts remain here on earth? Or will they fly away?

On a night like this, au-dessous la lune, I am caught between The Music And The Moon. On a night like this, au-dessous la lune, I am captured by The Music And The Moon.

If I lose my heart and he’s all I can see, will I want him more each moment I breathe? Will he stay with me and dawn never come, as though we’ve only just begun?

I can forget the world and fall into you. I’ll kiss your lips until the dawn breaks through.

Dans le feu de l’extase. Je vais garder ma tête. Je vais perdre ma pensée. Quand je suis dans ses bras vaisje être aveuglé si je laisse tout aller laissez-le se pencher vers moi si je capture son baiser. Comment beaucoup de mal pourrait y avoir?

Earthy fumes and dirty hands, baited breath in one man’s land, soft and full, a ball of clay and you can shape me any way. Seduction, Seduction, Seduction.

Apple’s taste so sweet and crisp, worth the sin to take the risk. Hunger’s need is pulling me to what you give to what you feed. Seduction, Seduction, Seduction.

Lines of kohl on painted eyes, the whisper of forbidden sights, silky gauze and sacred truth. You cannot touch this hidden fruit.

Petals red, a swaying sea, a field of dreams, a bed for free. Take me in while it’s still late, to find the peak of heaven’s gate. Seduction, Seduction. Seduction.

Notes are playing, softly tempting, telling me to stay. Pulse is racing, rising rhythm, pulling me its way. Capturado por crescendo no hay escape. The beat is mesmerizing.

El sentimiento me invade no puedo resistirlo. La fuerza hipnotiza. Me seduce, me entrego. Al Ritmo Latino

Latin breezes, blowing secrets, telling me to stay. The melody is pulsing through me, pulling me its way. Capturado por crescendo no hay escape. The beat is mesmerizing.

Estamos juntos, la musica me encanta. We cannot help but follow blindly. El ritmo los llama.  We’re pulled together, beneath the path of stars above. Beneath the scent of music’s mystery, al Ritmo Latino!

Notre Amour il n’y a rien que se compare. Avec des moments si rare, que nous partageons dans l’obscurité. Notre Amour, pendant les heures de nuit. On trouve les merveilles. L’aube ne peut (pas) rompre le charme de Notre Amour.

Un regard passe entre nous. Invites une caresse si douce. Et mêle la musique, et le vin. Mes lèvres cherchera les tien. Je sais que l’aube-delà. Cette intensité, persistera. Une histoire légendaire, Notre Amour.

I have searched all my life so sure I would find you waiting. And you’d know I have come, to fulfill your dreams, as you fill mine. A perfect fit to last throughout all time, my love.

And when you ask me to stay with you, when you request my love is true, when you ask me for love, pure and complete, I will give it all. In A Heartbeat

And when I look in your eyes, I’ll see the first bright star of the evening. And I’ll wish upon your star, that you’ll be here, when morning comes. Every day a warm and shining light so near.

We leave the madness of the market place, the smoky bars behind. Beyond the dark, into the heart, our love begins to climb. We’re undistracted by the frantic grab for the biggest piece of pie. We laugh at them. I swear again, I’ll Never Leave Your Side.

Can you feel me darling? I’m wanting, needing you. And I Will Never Leave Your Side. Now and forever, I’ll be loving you. And I will Never Leave You Side.

We found the secret of eternal youth, our oasis in the sky. I promise you I’m there for you. I’ll Never Leave Your Side. And when the magic of our loving win,s turns back the hands of time, in Eden then we’ll love again. And I’ll Never Leave Your Side .

These pills the doctor gave me for all my aches and pains, don’t help me, no matter what I do. Yes, I been drinking. I’ve been lying here and thinking, I sure could use Another Dose of You. I could use Another Dose of You.

Your touch sets me on fire, gets my fever higher than any kind of allergy or flu. When our lovin’s all done, I’m better in the long run, when I can have Another Dose of You. Sure could use Another Dose Of You.

These pains I’m feeling could use your healing. My heart is starting to bleed. You’re the elixir I need in my mixer. Baby, you’re the fix I need!

These pills the doctor gave me to help me cure the blues, seem to only make me feel more blue., I know I won’t recover from anything my lover without Another Dose of You. I sure could use Another Dose of You.

There is a secret wind when he’s around now. A gentle magic in the air. Bathes my skin and warms my fingers, wets my lips and lifts my hair. The air is sweet when he’s around. Then he calls a wicked wind. When I tell myself I’ve found him, he vanishes again.

Wherever he has come from, Let Him Stay. He spills the sweet dream into the day. Wherever he has come from, Let Him Stay. Let Him Stay.

His moods were like the changing skies. Every day another vision. When I look for answers in his eyes, he smiles and says, it’s your dream, your decision.

Maricela, you hear him call your name. You dance with spirits now in dream time. Your life will never be the same. Maricela, take your courage from the wind. You are the crystal and the vision. You can find your soul again.

Telephone calls. Very long drives. Rehearsals all day, and at night barely alive. Put on your smile, your very best clothes. Go out on the stage and do your very best show.

This is the life, I chose a brand of insanity. Up on the stage with lights. It seemed like the place to be.

But now After All The Time, I live without you, with my own point of view, it’s just not the same. And now After All The Time I live with myself, never asking for help, it’s just not worth the fame.

I needed a break, just for awhile, to look for my spirit, to find a new style. I turned to you, always a friend. Oh what a blessing, you’re a friend till the end.

This is the life I chose, a brand of insanity. It’s all the life I knew until you were part of me.

I was looking for some big things to come. But what means the most to me are all the little things you’ve done.

My girlfriends want to know does he have a brother. They sometimes even ask. is he just my lover. They like the way he moves. He’s a smooth walkin’ man. And anyone with half a brain can tell that I’m his biggest fan. So I got to Lie Just A Little to try to discourage them.

I Lie Just A Little. Sometimes I cry just a little. I sigh. I swoon I sing the blues for their imaginations. I got to Lie Just A Little to try to discourage them.

My mama and my daddy taught me that lying is no good. And I try to live my life the way I know I should. But then I hear my girlfriends talking ’bout my one and only man. When anyone with a half a brain can see that I’m his biggest fan. I got to Lie Just A Little to try to discourage them.